Wireless Temperature Sensor

Executive Summary

The client is a leading grocery chain, with retail deployments of Internet-of-Things technology. The challenge was to ensure frozen foods stay healthy. They also wanted to reduce instances of spoilage due to changes in storage temperature. The solution was to build a tailored temperature sensor that would automatically report the current temperature, and the system would generate warnings in case the temperature went beyond the programmed range. This would also cater to instances where customers might have left the freezer door ajar, or other instances that would lead to spoilage. The solution improved the operational efficiency, for personnel don’t need to periodically check on the freezers section. It reduced complaints of untimely spoilage of food items. Overall, the solutions enabled the client to serve healthy food to their customers.

Project Highlights

    • ZigBee Enabled Device
    • Battery Life of 3 Years
    • Automatic Periodic Reporting
    • Ergonomic Form Factor
    • System Generated Alerts
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