Voice Assistant Testing with a Proprietary Test Automation Framework

Executive Summary

The client is one of the world’s leading makers of speakers for the home entertainment, automotive, and pro audio markets. It manufactures a wide range of stereo system and home theater for the consumer market, including several high end systems offering high performance sound. They also design and manufacture loudspeakers, amplifiers and various other products for sound professionals and musicians.

eInfochips proposed a solution framework named Voice Assistant Quality Automation (VAQA), which involves combining the capabilities of NLP and Machine Learning. The system intelligently tests the voice assistant (Alexa, in this case) and its capabilities. This helps to eliminate the manual quality testing by humans, in improving the accuracy of the whole system, and in achieving a faster time to market.

Project Highlights

Voice Assistant Testing with a Proprietary Test Automation Framework
  • Automation coverage increased by 14-16%
  • Automation of voice assistant related test cases by 68%
  • Increase accuracy of test execution by 30-35%
  • Integration of voice assistant test automation with the end-to-end product testing framework
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