Video Subsystem for UAVs

Executive Summary​

On-board video systems greatly enhance intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities of an Unmanned Aerial Vehcile. However, video systems requires higher bandiwdth and thus it’s challenging to trannsmit video over low bandwidth datalinks that are usually available in Aerospace & Defense. The client thus conceptualized a product that can compress the video and then stream over existing datalinks.

Leveraging its suite of IPs in video and in-depth expertise in video processing, eInfochips has developed the complete software stack for video platform and met tight performance requirements.

The product was launched well ahead of time and has been deployed on leading unmanned aerial systems across the world.

Project Highlights

  • Low Latency Design with Ultra Efficient Compression
  • 20% Faster Time-to-market
  • Full HD H.264 Encoder IP
  • Deployed by World’s Largest Aeronautics and Space Agency
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