Verification of Cockpit Primary Flight Display System

Executive Summary

The client, a US-based tier-1 aerospace supplier, was aiming to achieve time-bound verification of compliance of their next-gen Primary Flight Display System. This new system had multiple connectivity options to further increase data availability and to enable the display of maintenance information on large-format displays, both for the onboard crew and the airline ground infrastructure.

They sought a verification partner with prior experience in DO-254 DAL A-compliant solutions – a partner able to leverage knowledge of the specification and update the existing legacy verification infrastructure.

After evaluating the client’s requirement, eInfochips proposed a custom test automation framework that can also be leveraged for future projects. eInfochips undertook the complete development of the verification framework, along with support for SOI 3 Audits and Certification.

Project Highlights

verification of cockpit primary flight display system
  • DO-254 Design Assurance Level A
  • Platform software verification
  • VHDL to SystemVerilog migration
  • Structural Coverage Analysis (SCA)
  • Support certification
  • SOI 3 audits support
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