UX Design and Development for Application in Rugged Environment

Executive Summary

The client is a European company that develops high precision measurement products for geographical surveys in the field of geomatics. The products incorporate a variety of technologies including laser and GPS satellite navigation to model structures in computer-based systems. eInfochips had already developed a 3D measurement device integrated with different types of sensors for the client.

The client now wanted to develop an inbuilt application for the device to capture the dimensions directly. They also required the application needed to work under extreme temperature conditions. The application had to be created with an intuitive user interface that could be easily comprehended and learned by the end-users in the construction trade to accomplish complex workflows in a rugged environment. eInfochips’ team designed and developed the complete user experience and user interface for the application. The client was able to easily deploy and use the application because of its superior UX design along with intuitively helping users measure with different features of the handheld device and store different data sets collected when a user would complete various workflows.

Project Highlights

ux design and development for application in rugged environment
  • UX Design with three or less interactions
  • Complete Information Architecture
  • Smart Suggestions on Workflow Steps
  • Intuitive Workflow Creation
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