Test Automation for Ultrasound Products and a Connected Web Portal

Executive Summary

The client is a leading developer of ultrasound products, platforms and solutions, based out of the USA. The client developed an ultrasound product, along with the technology platform and solution. The product had multiple variants and probes attached to it. However, the client was facing a higher time-to-market due to manual testing, high number of release cycles for each product variant, and post-release field issues.

eInfochips carried out test automation using Robot Framework to test different variants on multiple operating systems across the client’s medical devices. Our test automation team helped reduce the testing efforts up to 80%. Our team also developed and tested a web application connected to the ultrasound product for end-to-end product validation and for improving the sales cycle.

Project Highlights

Test Automation for Ultrasound Products and a Connected Web Portal
  • Medical product and web portal testing
  • Testing multiple variants
  • Test automation using Python framework
  • 80% effort saving with test automation
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