Test Automation for an IP Camera and a Connected Web Portal

Executive Summary

Based out of the UAE, the client is a leading manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of retail solutions, including access control and surveillance products. The client had developed a security and surveillance, consisting of an IP camera and solution.

The system comprised of six camera variants and connected software applications that consumed a lot of time and effort in manual testing. The problem was compounded by the fact that the audio and video quality with live streaming also needed to be verified.

eInfochips team carried out firmware test automation and functional test automation along with multilingual, multi browser testing and audio/video quality testing. The team helped reduce test cycle time by 70%.

Project Highlights

Test Automation for an IP Camera
  • Testing for multiple camera variants
  • 13000+ test case automation
  • Web & API automation
  • Test cycle time reduced by 70%
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