Supply Chain Re-Engineering Using Blockchain

Executive Summary

70% improvement in inventory visibility, 30% enhancement in quality oversight, and cost management builds foundation to expand to other partners use cases

The client is a US based Fortune 500 company with a global supply chain partnership to more than 180K+ customers across a growing breadth of markets. The client wanted to develop a traceable mechanism, for the exchange of the product data between manufacturer and supplier data centers to maintain all the shared records in an unaltered manner. eInfochips established a blockchain consortium enabling real time product traceability, improve inventory & quality visibility, forecasting, and cost management.


Client is a US based Fortune 500 company specializes in distribution and value-added services relating to electronic components and enterprise computing solutions.


The client wanted to develop a secured, scalable, and traceable mechanism for the exchange of the electronic products’ data between manufacturer and supplier that allows maintaining all the shared records for supplier over time in an unaltered manner. One of the main challenges for them was lack of technical expertise at Hybrid Cloud deployment/migration (Azure Vs On-premises private cloud) with security and near real time sync.

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