Supply Chain Optimization with Robotic Process Automation

Executive Summary

The client is a Fortune 500 company specializing in distribution and value added services relating to electronic components and computer products. The client had multi-million dollars worth of inventory. Some of the inventory management business processes were manual and highly time consuming. The operations team carried out repetitive tasks with similar process flows for the number of customers. The manual nature of carrying out tasks led to a high number of errors and operational costs.

eInfochips team helped the client apply Robotic Process Automation for a set of business processes like move order creation, scrap write-off process, quote processing, customer spreadsheet processing through Salesforce. The team automated workflow with UiPath Robotic Enterprise Framework. As a result, the customer was able to realize a 90% reduction in errors, a 35% improvement in productivity, and 80% effort savings leading to $96000 annual cost savings.

Project Highlights

  • Multi Million Dollars Inventory
  • Inventory Management Processes Automation
  • UiPath Robotic Enterprise Framework
  • $96000 Annual Cost Savings
  • 90% Reduction in Errors
  • 35% Improvement In Productivity
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