Software based Control for Insulin Pump

Executive Summary

The client is a leading Medical Devices company based in Sunnyvale, California bringing major market advancements in the treatment of Diabetes. Their need was to develop a portable, battery operated insulin pump with a software controlling dosage.

The client required a software with a seamless interface with simple commands that would allow their end users to administer accurate, bubble free insulin doses. Also the solution needed to be programmed to deliver doses in 2 different ways.

The ability to use prefilled insulin cartridges allowed client to reduce 14 steps from traditional pumps. In a recent study, users preferred client’s insulin pump over other injecting devices. The company filed 8 patents on the product went through series of investment rounds, renaming & rebranding to strengthen their positioning in the market.

Project Highlights

AI edge computing
    • Intuitive User Interface
    • Slim and Light
    • Unique Prefilled Cartridges
    • Battery Breakthrough
    • 8 Patents filed by Client
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