Smart Wearable Solution for Sports Persons

Executive Summary

Our client from Europe, serves the sports industry, identified STMicroelectronics STM32WB55 microcontroller as the appropriate platform for their next-gen smart wearable sports device. The athletic device supports latest technologies and data communication using Bluetooth® LE. They were aiming to acquire real-time accurate data acquisition via different sensors. The acquired data is then encrypted using AS256 encryption algorithm. Encrypted data is then supposed to be transmitted over BLE to an application installed over mobile/tablet.

The client sought an engineering partner with prior experience of delivering solutions based on STMicroelectronics platform along with firmware development, better power management, and secured OTA upgrade. After evaluating client’s requirement specification document, eInfochips captured all requirements and proposed a complete solution. eInfochips delivered a smart wearable solution based on STMicroelectronics STM32WB55 microcontroller and supported the client with firmware development including hardware bring-up, device drivers, framework creation, secured OTA, a BLE application, production test firmware along with required documentation.

Project Highlights

Smart Wearable Solution for Sports Persons
  • Based on STMicroelectronics STM32WB55 Microcontroller
  • Wireless Connectivity-Bluetooth® LE
  • AI-ML driven Analysis
  • Real-time Data Collection using Sensors – Accelerometer, Gyroscope
  • Device Registration using Mobile Phones
  • Encrypted Data Transmition over BLE to a Mobile Phone
  • Data Analytics on Cloud
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