Shortening QA Cycle for Chemistry Analyzer

Executive Summary

Blood and urine analyzers play a huge role in determining the condition of animal health. The client was working on a device that could not only give highly accurate results but also ensure that results were available in a very short interval of time. To ensure that the product manages to reach the market on time, the QA and testing time available was very limited – less than 50% of the initial plan.

The solution was to have an additional test team that could ramp up on the technology in a short time. The other aspect was to have a combination of expertise for manual and automation test management. Being a new product, the QA and testing approach was expected to be exhaustive.

The client was able to meet the target launch date for the product, with a flexible team to meet the high workload for the test cycle.

Project Highlights

  • Haemolytic, Lipemic and Icteric
  • Dry Slide Technology
  • Advanced Diagnostic Features
  • 15 Minutes Results
  • Integration with other Devices
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