Secureboot and Device Identity enablement for Videobar

Executive Summary

The client is a leading American audio equipment manufacturer best known for its home audio systems, speakers, noise-cancelling headphones, professional audio devices, and automotive sound systems. They were looking for a cloud-based signing system for the Qualcomm QCS610 base product, which would allow them to generate and secure the identification of each device in the factory before sending it to the customer, using a unique elliptic public or private key for each device stored in a secure file zone, and the device should not boot with an unsecured HLOS boot image stored in client’s proprietary cloud.

After evaluating the customer’s requirements, eInfochips assisted the client in implementing end-to-end Secureboot with multiple approaches for signing, configuration and testing the entire system.

Project Highlights

Secureboot and Device Identity enablement for Videobar
    • Based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 610
    • Local and Cloud based Signing
    • Secureboot Enablement
    • Image Security Implementation
    • Unique Elliptic Key (Public / Private)
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