QA for Identity Management Product Suite

Executive Summary

The client is a global leader in biometric identity management solutions for military, government and commercial applications. The challenge was to manage complexity of over 10,000 test cases applicable to 100+ variants derived from 8 core products, in addition to the interoperability with the SDK and Administrator Software. The QA covered the electronic, system, software and environmental aspects of the product testing.

The solution was to setup a dedicated test lab with an experienced engineering partner. The engagement required comprehensive expertise in complexity management to align the test case development with the product lifecycle. More than 7000 test scenarios were developed to achieve 100% test coverage.

The client has deployed more than a million devices across 130+ countries for information critical infrastructure, and the deployment continues to grow.

Project Highlights

    • QA for 100+ Product Variants
    • Fingerprint and Face Detection
    • IP65 Certified Products
    • Multi-factor Authentication
    • IPV6 Support with Video Call
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