Porting Android on PowerPC architecture for an Aircraft Engine Health Monitoring System (EHM)

Executive Summary

The client is a France-based multinational company with key subsidiaries involved in aircraft equipment, engine manufacture, and aerospace/defense electronics. Since the engine is one of the most critical components of an airplane, its state of health has to be monitored continuously, both on the ground as well as in-flight.

Although the engine health monitoring data (EHM) is relevant to both aircraft primes and engine manufacturers, typically only the latter have direct access to the data. The client, a leading engine manufacturer in aerospace, wanted to democratize this by giving its ecosystem partners like airlines and primes, access to engine data through an open platform for them to perform engine health management independently.

Project Highlights

    • Android version 4.4.4
    • NXP-Freescale T1042 processor
    • Quadcore architecture
    • Two ethernet interfaces
    • BSP patch for linux kernel 3.12.19
    • Big endian related support to AOSP
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