Portable, Handheld Multiple Disease Biomarkers Testing Device

Executive Summary

Our client is UK based health technology company developing innovative biosensor technology and products. The client’s main product is a universal healthcare diagnostic device. It is a portable, handheld device capable of running a panel of biomarker tests on a cartridge that carries a blood sample of a patient and provides results quickly, cheaply, and accurately.

The product allows trained diagnostics professionals, doctors, or any adults to perform testing of the majority of biomarkers at labs, hospitals, and homes respectively. Due to a lack of in-house engineering expertise, the client was looking for an experienced design partner who can help in developing IEC 62304 compliant device firmware.

Leveraging strong expertise across development lifecycle for class II and III medical devices, the eInfochips team helped the client on android HMI tablet and STM32 microcontroller firmware development. Our team also enabled secured patient health data management and data transfer ensuring HIPAA compliance.

Project Highlights

Portable, Handheld Multiple Disease Biomarkers Testing Device
  • Firmware development support for STM32 microcontroller and android tablet
  • Android SOUP (Software of Uncertain Provenance) validation
  • IEC 62304 compliant software, HIPAA compliant data management
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