Portable EEG Measurement and Monitoring Device

Executive Summary

The client is a division of a leading telecom and media solution company based in the USA, providing home automation and security solutions. eInfochips has been engaged with the client over the past 10 years and has developed an end-to-end IoT platform for home automation. We have integrated 80+ devices and peripherals along with the design and development of web portals and end-user mobile applications. With the deployment of gateways, touchscreen, and increased subscriber count, the legacy monolithic architecture became a bottleneck to growth. It became increasingly difficult for the client to scale as different modules had conflicting resource requirements. Therefore, the client needed to make significant changes to the architecture. eInfochips helped the client modernize the legacy architecture by migrating to a highly scalable, fault-tolerant microservices architecture on AWS leveraging container technologies. This enabled faster delivery of new features, reduced operating costs, and provided scalability and reliability to support millions of customers.

Project Highlights

  • Improved Performance
  • Scalability on demand
  • Fast, cost-effective, minimally disruptive migration
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