Performance Testing for Smart Home App

Executive Summary

The client is a US-based company involved in design, engineering and production of internet-ready Home Area Network “HAN” devices aimed at security, home automation and HVAC segments. The client had developed a proprietary mobile application to connect various home devices, but there were challenges to be overcome, such as performance issues, frequent lags and crashes, and inconsistency in UX between iOS and Android platforms.

The client approached eInfochips to address mobile application integration challenges for home devices such as light dimmers, garage doors, thermostats, etc. These would connect to a central server, and then onto a mobile application through a gateway, providing desired functionalities to configure the device while connecting to security panels.

The application developed by eInfochips provides a one-stop access to all devices, and hence, is critical for the success of the entire app ecosystem. eInfochips undertook performance testing for iOS and Android apps and redesigned the UI for Android and iOS platforms. With comprehensive testing in place, the client reported better app reliability and considerable increase in favorable user reviews.

Project Highlights

    • Mobile app performance optimization
    • Mobile UI redesign
    • Code review and performance testing expertise
    • Better app reliability
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