OT-IT Integration for a Smart Home Security System

Executive Summary

The client is a division of a leading telecommunication conglomerate based in the USA, providing home automation and security solutions.

eInfochips has been engaged with the client for the past 8 years and has helped to develop an end-to-end IoT platform for home automation. We have integrated 80+ devices and peripherals along with web portals and end-user mobile applications development. Over two million customers use the home security system.

As the platform matured, a large volume of data – including device diagnostics, location, telemetry, and images/video – was being generated from the IoT devices, along with a billion events per month. The client was looking for a way to derive value from this data.

eInfochips helped OT and IT applications development and assisted in integrating the OT data with the IT data to generate actionable insights. This ultimately led to improved operational efficiency, increased revenue and superior customer experience.

Project Highlights

OT-IT Integration for a Smart Home Security System
  • Superior customer experience
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Increased revenue
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