OPC Protocol Converter for Infrastructure Automation

Executive Summary

The client is a leading multinational engineering company with multibillion euro revenues and diverse business interests in mobility, home and industrial automation, and software solutions.

One of the client’s US divisions deals with industrial automation security. The project was to develop an OPC server with an objective to facilitate smooth communication for a variety of automation panels such as door controls, area controls, 9 kinds of alarms, and close to 50 different types of client commands and their respective outputs.

eInfochips helped implement a quick and effective OPC protocol solution with minimal new investment for the client while easily retrofitting with their current setup and control units. The solution was delivered with zero bugs and cleared tests in Live environment before final deployment. Having earned client goodwill for accurate project deliverables, eInfochips was able to foster a strong relationship with other divisions of the conglomerate company.

Project Highlights

    • Retrofit solution for proprietary architecture – minimal new investment.
    • Simplified solution for converting plain English commands to a protocol understood by OPC server.
    • 100% accuracy in status and client commands
    • Tested and deployed by eInfochips in actual client facility.
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