Occupancy-based Smart HVAC and Lighting for Building Automation

Executive Summary

The client is a leading India based MNC operating in building automation domain with primary focus on large commercial complexes such as large offices, multiplexes, malls and industrial setups. The company was looking for an occupancy-based solution in smart HVAC and lighting controls for a large conference hall.

The project was concerned with migrating a manually controlled AC operation to smart occupancy-based controls using PIR and Bio-presence sensors. This was achieved by eInfochips through application of Newton’s law of cooling and modeling the room in LabVIEW to simulate real-world scenarios. Lighting controls were another part of the solution which used the same sensors for occupancy detection with accuracy further enhanced using cameras. eInfochips also helped the customer with mobility features for remote monitoring and controls of the HVAC and Lighting systems.

eInfochips enabled an effective and smart automatic cooling and lighting solution for optimized energy utilization. With integration of Business Intelligence, it further helps in analyzing consumption patterns.

Project Highlights

    • PIR sensors for occupancy analysis
    • Occupancy-based temperature and lighting control
    • Modeling of heat exchange and temp. profile for multiple ACs
    • Remote Monitoring and Control
    • Enhanced intelligence through Camera integration & Analytics
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