Non-invasive Incontinence Monitoring Device

Executive Summary

Our client is a UK-based digital-enabled homecare service provider. The company offers innovative solutions and services by connecting all care staff to deliver measurable improvements in quality of life.

The client wanted to develop a non-invasive device installed adjacent to the patient’s bed to monitor any form of incontinence without the need for pads or near skin sensors – using patented technology for detecting target compounds in the air in case of incontinence and sending a wireless alert to the care giver.

eInfochips team leveraged its edge-to-cloud solution development expertise in the healthcare domain to help develop solutions across device, cloud, web, and mobile application layers. Product ensured 24×7 urine and fecal incontinence monitoring and provided real-time alerts, thus reduced the risks of infection and enhanced hygiene outcomes for patients at reduced care staff intervention, improved efficiency.

Project Highlights

Non-invasive Incontinence Monitoring Device
  • Edge-to-Cloud Development for 24×7 Incontinence Monitoring
  • Real-Time Wireless Alerts on Mobile App to Care Staff
  • Device Management Web App, Azure Cloud Data Management
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