Next-gen Audio Video Conferencing Device

Executive Summary

A leading Japanese manufacturer of high-performance audio equipment, specializing in microphones, headphones, and wireless systems for home and professional use, identified Qualcomm QCS610 as the ideal platform for their next-generation audio-video conferencing device. With limited experience in AV conferencing device design, the client sought an engineering partner proficient in hardware/firmware development and AI/ML enablement. Their goal was to deliver a functional prototype encompassing all use-cases before moving towards custom design and mass production. Use-cases encompassed person counting, biometric identification, person action recognition (standing/sitting/eating/typing), smart frame-automatic field of view adjustment, and automated control of microphone and speaker.

Upon reviewing the client’s requirements, eInfochips comprehensively addressed all specifications and proposed a complete solution. Leveraging Qualcomm QCS610, eInfochips successfully delivered a functional prototype for the smart AV conferencing device. Their support encompassed hardware and firmware development, including camera driver porting, AI/ML implementation, OpenCV integration, C/C++ and Python-based development, customization on Linux, and comprehensive documentation.

Project Highlights

  • Based on Qualcomm QCS610
  • 13MP PTZ Camera Sensor
  • AI & ML – Driven Analysis
  • Smart Frame-Automatic Fov Adjustment
  • Speaker and Mic Auto Control using Depth Measurement
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