Mobile Enabled Emergency Response System

Executive Summary

The client is a Fortune 500 company that provides safety systems for industrial applications. They came across a requirement to build a mobile-enabled solution to monitor and track key equipment and data, to ensure on-site safety in hazardous industrial environments. The challenge was to have a complete analytics-server-client solution available within 24 weeks.

They were looking to extend this solution as a platform for other applications in industrial safety, and required the framework to be flexible and re-usable. The solution was to have a common design team with expertise on big-data analytics, high-availability server architecture and mobility enablement. The client expected the engineering partner to add value beyond skillsets, to identify use cases and be a consultant to the product definition and management.

The client leveraged on eInfochips experience in building critical and connected systems to lead the engagement from product definition to solution delivery.

Project Highlights

  • Equipment tagging with GPS
  • Real-time Video Analytics
  • High Availablity Architecture
  • Responsive and Interactive UI
  • Available on iOS and Android
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