Micro–Controller based Multi Directional Light Sensor Board

Executive Summary

The client was a design and a manufacturer of video displays, scoreboards, digital billboards, sound systems, and associated items in the United States. They wanted to redesign an existing multi-directional light sensor (MDSL) because the sensor was going end-of-life (EOL) and an identical replacement was not found. They were seeking an innovative partner with product re-design expertise that can identify their present sensor replacement, while also understand the requirements and offer the most feasible solution within the desired costs of BOM.

eInfochips has suggested a new hardware design based on the STMicroelectronics STM32F103 micro-controller platform, including the multi-directional ambient light sensor leveraging its vast product re-engineering experience. eInfochips took complete responsibilities for the re-design of the board and aligned sensor position for the mechanical enclosure.

Project Highlights

Micro – Controller based Multi Directional Light Sensor Board
  • Hardware re-design
  • STM32F103 Platform
  • Multi directional light sensors
  • Sensor Integration and Tuning
  • BOM Cost Optimization
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