Mechanical Designs for State-of-the-Art IP Cameras

Executive Summary

The client is a giant in security and Surveillance space. eInfochips was partnered to develop the hardware, firmware and software for various PTZ and Fixed cameras. Given normal design cycle of 10-12 weeks, the client was looking for an experienced mechanical partner to accelerate the time-to-market and also meet stringent environmental compliance.

The client then engaged with eInfochips for end-to-end mechanical and industrial design. eInfochips not only supported the design, development, analysis and prototyping to come up with state-of-the-art cameras but also acted as an extended arm, helping the client to come up with 10 different camera designs in just 20 weeks.

The client was able to accelerate the development cycle which helped them for early launch to the market. The early launch helped them to increase the market share and have an edge over the competitors.

Project Highlights

  • Vandal and Tamper proof
  • Design for Serviceability
  • Thermal and Static Analysis
  • Ingress IP65/66/67/68
  • Tolerance Analysis
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