Mass Transit Safety Solution

Executive Summary​

Crime on Mass Transit Systems across the world has seen a sharp rise. Yet, for fleet operators, having an onboard safety and security system does not make a business case. Our client saw an opportunity to generate greater value from a common NVR solution.

The solution was to add benefits for a better user experience and improved operational efficiency. Commuters could now track the location of a bus, and even know the expected time of arrival (ETA). Operationally, fleet operators could check the occupancy levels in real time, and alter the schedules accordingly. The solution also improved driving styles and driver behavior. The recorded videos could be used for forensic analysis, even against false litigations from passengers.

The client filed 7 patents on this solution, and derived two variants to address other markets. Today, the solution safeguards hundereds of people across the USA.

Project Highlights

  • Pre-event HD Video Capture
  • Three Product Variants
  • Track and Monitor Location
  • Encrypted Video Storage
  • Vehicle Telemetry Details
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