Digital Transformation of Smart Home System (Monolithic to Microservices)

Executive Summary

The US-based client is a leading provider of home automation and security solutions. eInfochips helped them develop an end-to-end IoT platform for home automation which can integrate more than 80 devices and peripherals. As the platform matured, the client developed a large infrastructure ecosystem with more than 2 million devices in production, 100+ servers and a team of 70 people working on Agile methodology with different skill sets such as firmware, software, API and QA. The client’s biggest challenge was to monitor 42 million live devices including peripheral edge devices in the customer premise.

eInfochips helped the client develop a “remote device management” solution capable of capturing the entire connected device lifecycle, from device provisioning, management and monitoring to device firmware and software updates.

Project Highlights

    • Self-provisioning and device discovery
    • Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting
    • 30% calls resolved remotely, on average
    • Managing 42 million live devices
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