Machine Vision Solution for Automatic Coolant Level Controller

Executive Summary

The client is a leading multinational of the industrial domain based in the middle-east. The company is primarily engaged in providing pipe coating solutions for corrosion resistant durable products.

The project was awarded to eInfochips based on our capabilities in machine vision and image processing. The project required an accurate and real-time inspection of pipes to control the water level in pipes for curing in a harsh environment, where contact sensors or manual applications could not work.

eInfochips provided a machine vision-based solution that involved visual inspection of pipes for continuous monitoring and controlling of water level in the pre-specified zone of the pipes with higher consistency and accuracy as against human operator.

This helped the client avail an accurate and real-time control over coolant, resulting in optimization of the curing process. This machine vision-based solution also helped the client in providing high quality and durable pipe coating solution for preventing corrosion of pipes. This also cascaded to better results, boosting their core business.

Project Highlights

Success Story: Machine Vision Solution for Automatic Coolant Level Controller
  • Accurate and Real-time Visual Inspection.
  • Relay-based Automated Water Level Controller.
  • Non-contact Solution in Harsh Industrial Environment.
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