IoT Cybersecurity for Smart Water Management Solution

Executive Summary

The client is a global leader in smart and sustainable water solutions, specializing in innovative technologies like membrane filtration for water purification, flow control products, automation, and digital solutions. Their focus on sustainable practices helps manage water resources efficiently across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors worldwide.

The client wanted to implement comprehensive edge-to-cloud security testing for a smart water management solution to focus on securing devices, communications, data, and software while continuously monitoring for and responding to security threats.

eInfochips provided comprehensive security testing for commercial water management devices, addressing firmware, web software, and mobile apps (Android/iOS). The security testing covered cloud databases and APIs associated with the devices. The infrastructure was built on AWS, leveraging it for IoT and edge intelligence and implemented API automation to enhance overall security measures.

Project Highlights

IoT Cybersecurity for Smart Water Management Solution
  • Protection of devices, communication channels, data, and software from potential threats
  • Continuous monitoring and response to evolving security risks
  • Strengthens overall security posture through automated API security testing
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