Intelligent Vending Machine – Controller Design

Executive Summary

The client, based out of Silicon Valley in California, is a leading chip manufacturer in the world. One of their divisions provides ASIC-based solutions to vending machine companies. The client approached eInfochips to assist in the development of next-generation intelligent vending machines supporting functions such as cashless transactions, predictive maintenance, and customer-centric loyalty programs.

eInfochips designed an embedded PC motherboard to control the vending machine-specific I/O modules along with communication software between motherboard and vending machine expansion I/O module. eInfochips also delivered a reference design that significantly reduced time-to-market while adding functional versatility at a reduced cost. This opened new market avenues for the client while expanding its business traction among end customers.

Project Highlights

    • Reference design of controller for faster time-to-market
    • Protocols for cashless, NFC & smartphone transactions
    • Predictive maintenance, ERP integration, and telemetry for cost control
    • Multi-product vending, dynamic price adjustment, coupons & loyalty programs
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