Intelligent Test Automation For Ecommerce Portal

Executive Summary

The client is a US-based manufacturer and distributor of health and wellness products. To digitize their business, they developed a direct-to-consumer (D2C) platform and launched it as an e-commerce website. For over a decade, eInfochips has partnered with the client to provide end-to-end test automation for website elements such as design, specifications, functionalities, pages, and features. This partnership has resulted in improved site performance, enhanced user experience, and a significant increase in conversions. As the platform expanded to various regions, the client faced challenges managing long test cycles while adhering to strict government website guidelines for e-commerce websites. They were looking to improve their testing processes to make them faster, more accurate, and more efficient.

eInfochips performed intelligent test automation to ensure that each feature was correctly integrated into the portal and thoroughly tested while making the process more time- and cost-efficient. Our matrix-based testing solution helped the client save 50% of the time in test case execution through an automated regression test suite and early-bug detection.


Project Highlights

  • End-to-end Test Automation
  • Automated product recommendation business flow enabling single-click orders for users
  • Salesforce and SAP integration testing
  • API Testing and release support
  • Automation script to verify data on backend systems
  • Automated script for critical test cases and promo that can be reused multiple times
  • Keyword-driven product recommendations testing framework
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