Increasing Profitability through Sustenance of VoIP Product

Executive Summary

The client is a global leader in semiconductor market with a subsidiary portfolio in VoIP applications enabled by Digital Signal Processors (DSPs). In order to support its product line, the client acquired a major embedded communications software company specializing in DSP codecs and firmware. This acquisition, however, did not deliver intended results as the client found itself trapped in a legacy product environment which is counter-productive in a changing VoIP market where features and standards have to continuously upgrade to support latest business requirements. The client was in fact, struggling with higher overhead costs in managing their skills set and without a proper sustenance partner, it was expected that the VoIP product would reach EOL in just 3 years time!

eInfochips, with years of experience in the embedded products industry, provided effective sustenance for the product line and thus, has been helping the client extend its profitable revenue flow from the same product for 7 years and counting. Furthermore, by seamlessly managing the transition, it has helped reduce TCO by 30% and till date, has managed more than 30 releases for 15 different Tier-1 customers while enabling 12% improvement in end-customer satisfaction rating (CSAT score).

Project Highlights

    • Improved profitability for 7+ years
    • 30+ Tier-1 clients supported
    • Improved CSAT score (12%)
    • System-on-Chip Architecture
    • 128ms Line Echo Canceller
    • TDM-IP/IP-IP Transcoding
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