In-House Streaming Server Development

Executive Summary

The client is a leading, US-based provider of smart home products. The client was having a multi-million dollar infrastructure with 16m+ smart home products connected to voice assistants like Google and Alexa. The client was using the Wowza server for live video streaming and recording. However, they were facing a lot of issues and the resolution turnaround time was greater than a week. OEM was providing support for RTMP, HLS & MPEG-DASH with high latency of ~30 seconds. There was no customization and lack of support for the HEVC standard. The customer was also facing a high licensing cost for the same.

In such a scenario, the eInfochips team proposed to build an in-house streaming server with existing Wowza features and provision for future enhancement at rapid speed. eInfochips took complete ownership of end to end product development. eInfochips provided HEVC support for live streaming and recording up to 4K resolution. The team provided CMAF support to reduce latency ~5 seconds on a web browser without Flash. The in-house server also supports HLS for Google devices like Chromecast and Google Hub.

eInfochips also helped the customer reduce infrastructure costs up to 30% by handling the 3x number of streams in the same instance. With the in-house streaming server, the customer was able to save costs of ~$2 million annually.

Project Highlights

In-House Streaming Server Development
  • In-House Streaming Server Replacing Wowza Server
  • Cost Savings Of $2 Million Annually
  • HEVC Support for Live and Recording Upto 4k Resolution
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