High-speed Robotic Scanner for Pipe Testing

Executive Summary

The client is a Fortune 500 leading industrial product manufacturer, headquartered in the USA, employing about 150,000 professionals. The company was looking for a solution involving high-speed robotic scanner for non-destructive pipe testing (NDPT) in harsh oil & gas environment.

The requirement was to inspect and detect the corrosion on the surface of the pipe carrying oil & gas using ultrasonic sensor and P.I.G (pipe inspection gauges), which also notifies the system about corrosion related defects.

Designing Omni-wheel was another part of the project requirement. This system, along with encoder was intended to be used for avoiding scanner slippage and enable effective twisting and axial movement.

With these solutions, eInfochips helped the client enable an effective automatic movement with 3 axis scanning capability.

Project Highlights

High-speed Robotic Scanner for Pipe Testing
  • Non-destructive pipe testing using robotic surface crawler
  • Mobility with 2 axis wheeled motion and 1 axis linear scan
  • Omni-wheel with encoder for feedback control
  • Achieved good speed along the axis and circumference
  • Mobility enablement for remote monitoring and control
  • Ultrasonic sensor for corrosion detection
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