Extending Product Life and Increasing Revenues through Sustenance+Methodology

Executive Summary

Any product in the maturity stage of the Product Life Cycle accounts for more than 50% product line expenses for sustenance alone. The client, a Fortune 100 company was facing higher cost of sustenance due to maintenance and support issues for one of its key selling products in the enterprise segment which in turn, was negatively impacting the bottom-line.

eInfochips has an established sustenance practice, called Sustenance+ which focuses on best processes that help ensure product lifecycle extension, new technology adaptation, lowered operational costs and consistent benchmarking with competition. eInfochips implemented its Sustenance+ model for the client with major focus on technology adaptation. The results were immediately visible as the client’s top-line customers showed immense satisfaction with the extensive support received, timely release of new product enhancements, extension of product functionalities and shorter support resolution timeframes.

Project Highlights

    • Amazon EC2 Cloud Testing
    • Mobility Enablement
    • Extension for Collaboration
    • Ensured SLA Adherences
    • Improved Product Margins
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