Enhancing Shopping Experience for e-Commerce & Retail

Executive Summary

The eCommerce portal and brick-and-mortar stores are operated as a warehouse club across America. It is used by 2000+ premium members to order home appliances and furnishings. The challenge was to provide a contemporary shopping experience encompassing web navigation, usability, supply-chain management and order management till delivery.

The solution was to enhance the overall shopping experience from the point that a member accesses the web portal to the point where the order is deliverd. It required modifying the user interface and navigation, integrating isolated systems for inventory management, order management and freight management and web crawling other websites to keep abreast with competition.

On-time shipments increased from 60% to 95% in the first 8 months, while rendering time improved by 20%.

Project Highlights

    • Web Navigation & Usability
    • Reduced Shipment Time
    • Data Crawling and Analysis
    • Software Release Automation
    • Improved Web Performance
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