End-to-end Wireless Scouting Trail Camera Design, AI/ML and IoT Platform Development

Executive Summary

The client is a US based leading company offering cellular trail cameras for scouting and surveillance needs. With an objective to upgrade their existing product line, they wanted to develop a durable and rugged wireless trail camera to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. These cameras are required to detect the animal, capture photos, and send photos or stream live video over a user’s mobile application/web portal.

Due to complex wildlife applications w.r.t. size of animals, occluded vision, day & night, weather, and geographies, it was difficult to achieve the required accuracy in object detection and image quality of the intended objects (i.e., Animals, birds, human and vehicles, etc.). The customer was facing a huge challenge of false alerts & notifications due to the use of basic motion detection techniques in existing products.

eInfochips with in-depth device-to-digital expertise helped the client with turnkey development – camera design for outdoor use, deep learning model training & porting on edge for animal detection, AWS IoT framework for device-to-cloud communications, and Reusable Camera Framework IP to fast-track the development and reduce TCO.

Project Highlights

    • AWS Cloud IoT platform development
    • Wireless connectivity – 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LoRa
    • AI-enabled wild-life tracking and object detection
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