End-to-End Testing and Automation of Biometric Security Solutions

Executive Summary

The client is a Fortune 100 company engaged in providing biometric security products and solutions. Over the years, the client had developed a huge test repository with over 15000 test cases. The test management of these test cases was time-consuming. In addition, the client needed to qualify the major releases every year for interoperability with the SDK to enable biometric product integration.

eInfochips established a dedicated test lab and implemented SDK test automation, robotic arm automation for performance testing and API test automation as well as enabled end-to-end testing; from biometric device to application. eInfochips has carried on its engagement with the client for 9 years, delivering 51 major releases, 130 minor releases, and 300+ feature enhancements.

Test automation by eInfochips has helped the client achieve 30% accelerated time to market with $300,000 in savings every year.

Project Highlights

  • 20+ product families, 100+ variants, 250+ GUI screens, 5 product generations
  • SDK automation
  • Robotic arm automation
  • End-to-end regression automation
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