Enabling Partner Engagement with Mobility for eCommerce Wellness Portal

Executive Summary

The US-based client is a wellness and healthcare products company with established multilevel marketing channels in the US, China, Indonesia and Malaysia. The client wanted to scale up its online web portal to add a new territory – “Mexico.” Consequently, the business need was to comply with the Mexican government’s regulations for robust, secure and responsive eCommerce sites while importing successful features such as mobile-enablement from the client’s own Malaysia portal.

eInfochips had previously helped the client with QA support in some of its advanced eCommerce portals. This time though the focus was on building partner engagement features such as a centralized access point, 3rd party logistics, payment gateways, tax and bonus calculation systems and mobile support.

Project Highlights

    • Responsive web & mobile portal
    • Centralized management
    • Multi-level marketing support
    • Time zone management
    • Digital invoice integration
    • 3rd party logistics integration
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