DevOps Automation Workflow Implemented for a Fleet Management Solution

Executive Summary

The client is a leading manufacturer of fleet management products. eInfochips helped the client develop a fleet monitoring system which could mitigate the vehicle and insurance risks. eInfochips owned the complete camera hardware, mechanical, firmware and software design, and development.

As this fleet monitoring system was deployed on the moving fleets, with cameras, it was difficult to test the system on a continuous basis due to intermittent network connectivity. This lead to a number of errors. At this point in time, eInfochips suggested implementing DevOps methodology to ensure continuous testing and monitoring as per the deployment of the system on the moving fleet with cameras.

This DevOps automation workflow for the fleet monitoring solution saved 40% of deployment efforts for the client.

Project Highlights

DevOps Automation Workflow Implemented for a Fleet Management Solution
  • Deployment Automation, Continuous Testing and Monitoring
  • Deployment on Mobile Cameras
  • 40% Saving of Efforts
  • 90% Improvement in Test Coverage
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