DevOps Assessment for Home Security System

Executive Summary

The client is a leading US-based provider of home automation and security solutions. Initially, eInfochips helped the client develop an end-to-end IoT platform for their home automation product which integrates 80+ devices and peripherals. With the platform’s maturity, the client developed a larger infrastructure ecosystem with more than 2 million devices in production, 100+ servers and a team of 70 people working on Agile methodology with different skill sets across firmware, software, API and QA. The client was facing a challenge in integrating multiple development pipelines on different technologies. This led to longer release cycles and a lot of manual effort in terms of generating builds, setup of virtual machines, environment setup, build deployment, verification and functional testing for each release.

eInfochips implemented its proprietary DevOps Assessment Framework to analyze customer’s as-is Build, Deploy, Release, Test, and Monitor processes. After the six-week assessment, the eInfochips team provided DevOps to -be process and detailed plan for DevOps adoption including people, process, tools, governance, and metrics. After seven months, the client realized 60% faster time to market after the new automated DevOps process was implemented.

Project Highlights

DevOps Assessment for Home Security System
  • 6 weeks DevOps Process Assessment
  • Analysis across five levels
  • Over 30 metrics tracking across release life cycle
  • 60% faster time-to-market
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