DevOps and Sensor Virtualization for Home Automation System

Executive Summary

The client is a leading US-based provider of home automation and security solutions. eInfochips helped the client develop an end-to-end IoT platform for their home automation product which integrates 80+ devices and peripherals. With the platform’s maturity, the client had developed a larger infrastructure ecosystem of more than 2 million devices and 100+ servers in production, manned by a 70 person Agile team with different skill sets across firmware, software, API, and QA. The client was facing the challenge of integrating multiple development pipelines on different technologies causing longer release cycles and more manual effort in terms of generating builds, setup of virtual machines, environments, build deployments, verification and functional testing of each release.

eInfochips helped the client reduce their release cycle by one-third and automated the deployment process with DevOps methodology. eInfochips used sensor virtualization for continuous BVT (Build-Verification-Test) to enable faster time to market.

Project Highlights

    • Build Verification Test (B-V-T) automation
    • Sensor virtualization for test automation
    • 60% faster time-to-market
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