Design of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) using MongoDB

Executive Summary

The client is a leading electronics manufacturer headquartered in Austin, Texas. They were looking to position its Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) with prospects in the transportation industry which would showcase advanced features like vehicle tracking, remote monitoring, diagnostics and route analysis. The only missing gap was the lack of a mechanism to generate insights from unstructured data continuously emerge from vehicle sources.

eInfochips, with its vast experience in IoT focused solutions and data integration tools, proved to be a resourceful solution partner in bridging the gap between unstructured data and business insights. It implemented a MongoDB based solution which helped the client improve their poductivity by 1) speedening CRUD operations by 36% and 2) reducing overall development efforts by 20% and at the same time, reducing TCO by 18%.

Project Highlights

    • Device/Sensor Data Integration
    • 36% faster CRUD operation
    • 25% faster Analytics
    • Route Learning and Analytics
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