Design and Development of Optical Handheld Device

Executive Summary

One of our European clients was working on an optical handheld device and Qualcomm® QCS605, a 10nm SoC, seemed to be the right fit. The client sought a design partner with prior experience in delivering solutions based on Qualcomm® processors and who can support them not just with hardware development but with firmware, testing, and certification as well. The Android-based device has Wi-Fi, BT, GPS connectivity, a camera, and a display. This battery-operated smart artifact also has 9-axis navigation, ambient light, and focus distance sensors.

After evaluating the client’s requirement specification documents, eInfochips captured all functional and non-functional requirements and proposed a complete solution. We undertook the development in two prototype cycles – Proto-1 and Proto-2. eInfochips provided Hardware and Firmware Development support along with Functional Testing, RF-Tuning, EDVT, Thermal, Environmental & Pre-scan Testing, and final FCC, CE-RED Grant, ETSI certifications with required documentation support.

Project Highlights

Design and Development of Optical Handheld Device
  • Based on Qualcomm® QCS605
  • Built-in Camera and Display
  • Wi-Fi, BT/BLE, GPS Connectivity
  • Live Content Streaming
  • Quicker Object Detection and Identification using AI
  • Object Location Marking/Sharing
  • Operating on Android 9.0
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