Deep Learning & Computer Vision based Medicine Inventory Monitoring

Executive Summary

The client is a leading US based autonomous pharmacy solutions company that offers medication management solutions with a combination of automation, intelligence, and technology-enabled services. Their legacy inventory management solution had accuracy-related issues and they were looking to replace the existing solution with an automated solution.

As a part of a new strategic initiative, the client wanted to develop a computer vision-based medicine counting solution to replace the existing manual process in critical areas such as the operating room and pharmacies. The client also wanted to ensure that the solution does not infringe upon existing patents.

eInfochips helped the client’s initiative with solution concept blueprinting, prototype development, and patent database research by assessing concept originality and identifying possible infringements on existing patents. Real-time detection and counting of different medicines in the drawer will help users to achieve automated inventory control, get real-time notifications for just-in-time replenishment, and improve hospital staff operational efficiency.

Project Highlights

Deep Learning & Computer Vision based Medicine Inventory Monitoring
  • Unique ‘Concept to Prototype’ design & development
  • Image input capture and tuning with low-light and occlusion in field of view
  • Real time identification and counting of multiple medicine types and orientations
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