Data Management and BI for a Construction Company

Executive Summary

The client is a leading construction company based out of Canada. Following a number of acquisitions, the client did not have a centralized view of their business and was also incurring huge licensing costs on the data stack. At this stage, the organization did not have any enterprise-wide business intelligence and analytics, resulting in less actionable data or business insights.

eInfochips helped the client to establish a data management platform and an end-to-end data lifecycle infrastructure, delivering the first level of actionable data and insights. By using existing DW/BI tools to build the platform that acquired data from 6 different business lines, we were able to reduce the licensing costs. eInfochips also enabled self-service BI and enterprise-wide adoption with mobile BI enablement.

Eventually eInfochips also led BI-as-a-service implementation for the company, with MS PowerBI reducing licensing and operations costs further by close to 30%.

Project Highlights

Data Management and BI for a Construction Company
  • Enterprise-wide BI adoption
  • BI-as-a-service implementation
  • 30-35% improvement in data delivery SLA
  • 25-30% reduction in licensing and operational costs
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