Connected Mobile App Development for Geomatics

Executive Summary

The client is a European company that develops high-precision measurement products for geographical surveys in the field of geomatics. The products of the client company incorporate multiple technologies, including laser and GPS satellite navigation to model structures in computer-based systems. eInfochips had already developed a 3D measurement device based on Snapdragon 820 integrated with different types of sensors for the client.

The client now wanted to develop a mobile app connected to the device to capture the dimensions of the app directly. The application had to be compatible with multiple device variants and operating systems. eInfochips partnered with the client and undertook end-to-end design, development, and testing of this connected mobile application. Through its innovative approach using a cloud-based solution for testing the mobile application with a variety of devices, eInfochips was able to reduce the infrastructure and operational costs for the client.

Project Highlights

  • Xamarin platform
  • UI/UX design
  • AWS Device Farm
  • Mobile app performance optimization
  • Xamarin cloud testing and automation
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