Compact Light Weight Medical Tablet – Design and Development

Executive Summary

The client is a leading Japanese manufacturer of semiconductors, light-based devices, optical devices, and scientific and medical instruments. The client had legacy brain oxygen parameters monitoring device that needed to be used by medical professionals. However, that device is bulky with a larger in formfactor and cannot be used anywhere in the field e.g., in patient’s home, public places, inside the ambulance, etc. in case of emergencies.

The client wanted to develop a lightweight, small form factor device with similar features. They were facing difficulties in meeting LCD design requirements, and IP54 standards (mainly the heat issues) at the same time. Also, they wanted the data to be stored on the tablet as well as on the SD card. eInfochips team was involved in identifying the components from a hardware and mechanical engineering perspective, and in adjusting the layout as per height constraints. The hardware was designed to support temperature specifications, EOL requirements, LCD design, etc. Multithreaded QT based application was developed to display data received from probes in graphical form.

Project Highlights

Compact Light Weight Medical Tablet - Design and Development
  • NXP i.MX6 Quad-Core Processor based hardware design
  • Real-time brain oxygen parameters monitoring
  • Simultaneous data measurement from two channels
  • Graph to display event markers and change in patient condition
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