Clinical Inventory Management

Executive Summary

The client, a leading inventory management software company, was looking to implement a secure Inventory Management System to track premium medical SKUs, for their global market. The challenge was to build the system and launch it before competition, and get a headstart in the marketplace.

The solution was to develop a tracking software that integrates with RFID Scanners to track inventory and with Biometric Access and Identity Management Systems to map individual users. The setup was also to be integrated with the Billing, Purchase and Patient Information System to make it HIPAA Compliant.

In 2012, the client won the Supplier Performance Award from Premiere Healthcare Alliance for this solution. The newly developed system reduced pilferage while also optimizing inventory by 33% for the end users.

Project Highlights

    • Biometric Authentication
    • Storage Cart Integration
    • RFID based SCM
    • Integrated on Billing Systems
    • HIPAA Compliant Software
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